AI HowTo Series #1 : Registering for Emotion API

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1-) Access your Azure account via “”

2-) Search for term “Cog..” The list will show you the shortcut to Cognitive Services












3-)  Click Add and fill the search box with term “Emotion…” . Auto-completion box will find what we’re looking for: “Emotion API (preview)”









4-) Click and create a resource in WestUS servers (by the time I wrote this article, only WestUS is supported,im pretty sure other servers will start supporting it as well as soon as beta preview phase gone)

5-) Access your Emotion API blade(Pages/Windows in Azure Portal),














create your keys by clicking at keys at 1st step named “Grab your keys”

and start using Emotion API from Cognitive Services in Azure Platform



Next article will be about developing your very 1st Emotion Application.