NodeJS Series #1: An Introduction to Magical Device

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Hi dear readers,

Its really amazing when you decide to start writing about most popular technologies and this is one of them.I’ve planned on publishing 1 article per day about this topic.It will be a real experience for you,too.

NodeJS is one of the most popular “things-to-learn” nowadays.
So my advice is add me to your bookmarks or simply “follow me” and read the series everyday as i’ll keep writing about it.

Lets cut to the chase and speak about what NodeJS is.

NodeJS? What the hell is that?

Once upon a time(in 2009), a young wizard named Ryan Dahl joined the JSConf summit where every wizards come together and show the audience their magic and tricks.

Ryan developed┬áa device named “NodeJS” which is a complete product of “V8 JS Engine” from a good old magician club of Google and added more functionalities like Event Loop and low-level(hell) I/O API (which helps Ryan do more magic then usual)

This device’s main goal was enabling other wizards do more magic in a server-side and event-driven galactica.

After the success of the device,the wizards congratulated Ryan and contributed their magics to the device to make it better magic casting device.From that day forth,wizards called it “Node”

Node has been widely used by top wizards in the world and in return Node helped them to build magical networked services.

In a world of simple casts,the advantage of the Node was; it used Javascript in backend.
Since Javascript is the most used magic in this world,most web magicians used Javascript with Node to increase popularity of their magics.

The other advantage of Node was, other magicians also contributed some helper-magics to increase the usability and popularity of the Node device.From that day forth,Node device enabled wizards to do many more magics.This is a great time to be a magician,if you ask me ­čśë

And yes,it very easy to use device.If you own a Microsoft Wand,go to and download the device.

If you use Steve’s Apple┬áWand,you can also download the device and use it from┬á

I will let you know how to use the device everyday from now on.Dont you worry o’Magicians.I wont let you cast wrong spells with Node ­čÖé

See ya tomorrow.